Austin & Amanda Sitting In A Tree (Literally)

I can officially say I’ve sat in a tree in real life with a crush of mine (if that’s what you can call it at this point…well over a year into the relationship), though whether or not we kissed is nobodies business!

A few weeks ago it was Austin’s birthday so I took him to Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas to take a zip line tour as well as stay the night in a cozy little cabin tree house. Before I launch into the whole story YES it was as peaceful, adventurous, fun, romantic, and daring as it sounds!

We arrived at the campgrounds around 3pm that afternoon and spent some time exploring the grounds while we waited for our zip line tour to start. The grounds had a lake to swim in AND a beautiful pool. There were hammocks and picnic tables scattered around and the weather was cloudy and cool (as it was about to start a several week rain marathon in central Texas).

One thing you need to know about Austin and me is that we are BOTH afraid of heights. We’re also both adventurous so we took the zip lining tour (which is mandatory to participate if you want to stay overnight in a cabin) as a fun challenge to face our fear. As it turns out zip lining isn’t scary at all! It was a ton of fun and we got to see a lot of beautiful views of the Texas hill country.

After our tour we took quick showers in the outdoor stalls (we didn’t realize until later that others had run into scorpions and spiders in there in the past. Ew!) and went out to grab some BBQ, which is basically the only food you can find in Spicewood. It was OK but I’d much rather take my own food the next time I find myself camping in a tree house cabin.

By the time we got back to the cabin it was pouring down rain. We didn’t get to go swimming like we planned, but it was actually really nice to hang out just the two of us in a cabin in the middle of the hill country in a storm. As it turns out, hours feel more like minutes when you’re spending time with your best friend.

My favorite part of spending time in a cabin out in the wilderness is that Austin and I didn’t have anything to do for once. We’re typically such busy people that we always have errands to run and things to do but while we were in the hill country we had zero obligations. It was a very relaxing trip and we definitely plan on going back one day!

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