Learning Spanish

It’s been 4-5 years since the last time I’ve taken a Spanish class and now is the time I’ve decided to get back into it and learn a second language! It wasn’t difficult for me to pick up Spanish when I was in class back in high school, but my goal was to get the good grade, not actually learn a new language so I don’t remember much, but It’s never to late to learn a new skill!


Image by Anne Arnould via Flickr.

I want to learn Spanish for many reasons. Yes, it would help me land jobs in the future but past that I genuinely believe being bilingual is super cool. I’m drawn to the idea of being able to communicate effectively with more people in the world with the knowledge of a second language. Plus, I live in Texas so there are 1) a ton of people who only speak Spanish and 2) tons of opportunities to practice speaking and listening (which is WAY harder to learn than reading and writing).

I’m going about learning Spanish right now by doing daily lessons with the app, Duolingo. It’s free and easy to use. It even sends me reminders so I never forget to get my Spanish in. I also practice a little bit of Spanish at work. I work at a restaurant and a bulk of the staff speak Spanish so I practice trying to communicate with them to build confidence in the way I speak in Spanish. Even when I mess up I think my coworkers appreciate that I’m trying to understand their language and acknowledge their culture a bit.

One day I would love to take a trip to Spain as a reward for picking up a second language. It would be a great final test of my fluency. Right now I’m still learning the basics, though, so any travel will be a ways away. For now I’m just exciting to be learning again and allowing myself to grow into a more well rounded person.

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