Horrors and Thrillers

A very little know fact about me is that I enjoy horror and thriller films. A very well known fact about me is that I’m a complete paranoid scardy cat. Do you see how those two facts don’t mix?


Image by David Ohmer via Flickr.

Yes, deep down I really do enjoy horror and thriller films, but I don’t usually get to enjoy them because I’m so easily scared that the nightmare follow me for weeks. Even when I’m home with my boyfriend I still worry about seeing shadows that look too human-like, or boogeymen in my closet. 

Even horror films that wouldn’t even apply to me freak me out, like Sinister. I don’t have kids, I don’t live in a house someone died in, and yet I lost sleep for days after I saw it. I love the Paranormal Activity series but when I first saw them in college I refused to use the use the communal showers or toilets after 9PM. I didn’t realize how haunted a creepy dorm hall looked until I thought demons were crouching around every corner.

Even with all of the heebie jeebies I’ve endured over the years I always find myself back where I started, feeling tempted to put a horror or thriller on. I think it’s the mystery behind every film that intrigues me. The really is the cause of bizarre green light or the creaky staircase? All I know it that it never ends well and if I want a good night’s sleep I better keep those movies off my TV screen.

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