My Next Tattoo…

Last November I got a pink peony tattoo on my left arm. It was a bold move on my part because 1) it’s the biggest tattoo I have to date and 2) my boyfriend drew it for me. I know relationship tattoos are super taboo so I’m being a bit subtle. I’m not getting a face or a name…I just want half sleeve of flowers, all drawn by my man!


Image by erban via Flickr.

I’m pretty slow when it comes to getting tattoos. I don’t expect my half sleeve to be done for quite some time (like YEARS). I am planning my next addition to my half sleeve and I can hardly wait to get it done.

Any guesses on what it’s going to be?

A strawberry plant! And yes I know a strawberry and a peony tattoo matches my blog name BUT I actually made up my mind about my next tattoo months and months before I changed my blog name. My tattoos actually inspired the new name and brand.

I don’t plan on getting my next tattoo until October, and that’s only if I feel comfortable at the time with putting down money. Good thing it’s only July so I have plenty of time to save up. My boyfriend is also planning on getting a new tattoo in October but I have no idea what he has in mind (he’s more spontaneous than I am about what he gets done, though everything he has so far is super cool so it’s not anything to lose sleep over).

I love having tattoos! I’m very much looking forward to the day my little half sleeve is complete.

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