Hitting The Pool

One of my great discoveries this summer is how much I adore spending the afternoon by the pool. Clear blue water, vibrant green trees, a wall of little waterfalls connecting the two pools.


Image by photographer23 via Flickr.

I like to post up on the lounge chair at the end of the row. It’s always at least partially shaded by the tree it’s under. I spend my time lying back and enjoying the heat from the suns ray with my music playing through a waterproof speaker.

Once I enjoy a bit of sun I double check to ensure my iPhone is securely placed in the speaker, safe from my drippy fingers when I decide to fiddle with the volume. I get up and make a bee line to the pool. It’s a week day so it’s just me, myself, and I. It’s so hot out that even the water feels warm, but it’s refreshing nonetheless. Thank goodness there’s a breeze to cool me down in the water.

I float around the pool and relax. When I’m in the pool I can finally stop and enjoy where I am in the moment. I take deep breaths of the fresh air and all the scent of chlorine to seal these gorgeous memories into my head. I let my music run on shuffle, what ever plays, plays.

I’m not thinking any thought in particular. I’m in a place where my mind can simply wander. I don’t worry or stress. I don’t try to solve any problems or sort anything out. I just exist.

The pool is my favorite place to be in the summertime.

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