How I Primp For Less

One thing that I love to do is to spend time primping. I love to paint my nails and do my makeup even if I’m not planning on doing anything for the day. It’s just fun for me! Unfortunately, keeping my primping routine from being boring or repetitive can be pretty expensive. Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to find a way to cut down on the cost of my primping habits while keep it fun by incorporating a few elements into my monthly budget.


Photo by Melanie Levi via Flickr.

IPSY – I love makeup subscriptions! Ipsy is only $10 a month I’ve been able to try all sorts of amazing brands and products! Face masks, makeup brushes, new mascaras…I’m never bored with my makeup collection and I haven’t had the urge to splurge in MONTHS.

 COSMO – There’s nothing quite like cracking open a hard copy of a frivolous magazine filled to the brim with absolute useless information. It soothes my mind to see the ugly style trends and to read of on the half-assed “confessions”. No, I don’t take anything in Cosmopolitan seriously, and I don’t see the harm in indulging in some girly entertainment, especially since a year subscription is only $12 annually.

GYM – Turns out that when I get my endorphins pumping I feel less obligated to shop for random things. I think in the past I used to shop emotionally (as silly as it sounds) and buying makeup all the time gave me hope of being a more appealing person. Working out makes me feel on the inside so I don’t focus so much on the outside anymore. Plus, the 24 hour gym at my apartment complex is free so why not make the most of it?

Since I’ve worked these elements into my routine I’ve been able to keep my miscellaneous spending down pretty easily. I’m not tempted to pick up random pieces of makeup or magazines in the store anymore, and my new methods keep me occupied for a much longer time.

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