Working Out

I’ve been working out consistently for eight months now and looking back I’m noticing a lot of changes in me compared to when I started back in January. Before I launch into my progress, know that I work out 3 times a week. One hour is I’m going cardio and 30 if I’m doing pilates.


Photo by Image Catalog via Flickr.

For one, I feel a lot stronger. During my workout routines I get tired a lot less quickly and I can do more intense workouts. It’s pretty inspiring! It feels great to have noticeable differences in my body. Believe it or not, but I’m actually the same weight I was when I first started working out. It doesn’t surprise me because I do a lot of pilates which builds muscle. I didn’t start making a lot of progress either until I let go of the idea of losing weight and focused on getting healthy.

Some benefits that I’ve personally noticed when I work out: I sleep WAY more soundly, my self esteem is higher, I am hungrier these days but I don’t feel bad about what I eat anymore because I know my body needs the nutrition and energy.

Another concept that I’ve been working with is getting comfortable with my body type, and being honest with myself about what my “ideal body” is. I’m a curvy girl and even at my smallest I wasn’t even close to Ariana Grande small, so I shouldn’t even allow the thought in my head. Working out has actually helped me stop comparing myself to other people’s physique in general. I’ve been focused on me now vs how I was in the past.

Incorporating physical fitness into my weekly routine has made a huge positive impact on my life. It’s just in time, too, since I’m always hanging out by the pool! Working out started as me wanting to tighten up, but now it’s because a part of my life. Even when I reach my “body goal” I still want to keep working out into my routine. I want to keep pushing myself towards getting stronger staying fit later on in life.

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