Going Cruelty Free (One Day)

For years I’ve considered tossing out all of my cosmetics and starting fresh with cruelty-free brands only. I care a lot about animals being treated with respect and it makes me sick to think of how much pain they go through during animal testing for cosmetic products (or any products, to be honest). It baffles me that people still use horrible practices when there are clearly options to work without animal testing.



Photo by DMangus via Flickr.

On a level, though, I need to hold myself accountable as a consumer. I promote these brands by buying and using their products. If I truly want to end of animal testing I need to start with myself and my choices as a shopper.

It’s so easy to gloss over animal testing, pretend like it’s not a thing, and keep buying brands that conduct such inhumane behavior. I always have a excuse, too. An easy one is “buying cruelty free is expensive” or “I’ll start shopping cruelty free as soon as I run out of what I currently have”. Right now I have cut down on my makeup expenses by subscribing to ipsy … and although I want to only use cruelty free, ipsy is a good option for me because it’s only $10. See? Another excuse!

One day I want to be completely cruelty free with my purchases, and the biggest step for me at the moment is letting go of my ipsy subscription. I also need to do some research about inexpensive, good quality, cruelty free brands that would be good alternatives to the products I currently use. I’d rather make the jump sooner rather than later, but first I need to make sure I’ll be financially comfortable with my new beauty routine.

One of these days I need to set a solid goal for myself as far as making the jump to cruelty-free. For now I’m going to start taking baby steps towards that goal by only buying cruelty free items when I buy makeup. If anyone has any suggestions on which brands I should use that are CF please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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