Exiting The Honeymoon Phase

I’ve been in a (very) serious relationship for the past year and I’m finally coming face to face with the end of the Honeymoon Phase. It’s a concept that I’d been warned about back in high school when the shininess of a relationship faded fast. Since then I’ve had very little experience with this phenomenon. Needless to say, I don’t date much and therefore have no idea what to expect from this upcoming new phase in my relationship.


Image by Charlene N Simmons via Flickr.

It’s a bit difficult to ask around for advice since relationships grow and evolve in different ways are there is no real way to know how to go about…how do I even describe it?

I guess I should start by emphasizing that opposed to popular belief, moving past the honeymoon phase does not mean that my relationship is boring, bland or monotonous. It’s more like we’re at a point where we are completely comfortable around each other. I can tell my man anything, literally anything, without worrying about being judged. I may be the butt of a few jokes but, hey, that’s how we work as well together!

Moving into this new stage of my relationship has come with a few minor bumps as well. We’re still learning how to deal with each other when we get upset (whether it’s about us or just a rough day at work). We’re working on adjusting to living together as well. Austin is a neat freak, I’m a little on the messier side. I write all my concerns away in a journal but Austin likes to talk it out. We’re past the point of the initial free passes because the relationship was so new….and now it’s just us.

It can be a little uncomfortable trying to adjust at times but it’s also an exciting part of our relationship as well. It’s comforting in an odd way that our relationship is being tested a bit. Each time we work though a rift the more I’m encouraged that we will be able to make it through the long haul. Building a strong relationship now and considering our future together makes moving out of the Honeymoon Phase so worth it.

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