Facing Highway Driving

After four months of driving alone on the roads of Texas I could finally say I could comfortably drive on the highway! Learning how to drive on the highway was something I was afraid to do and spent a good couple of months avoiding even beginning the process.


Image by Garret Voight via Flickr.

I had to rip that band-aid off, though, because I had to split a seven hour drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma with my sister to get the Melanie Martinez concert (not to mention the seven hour drive back).

Highway driving is a huge accomplishment for me because I’m all about pushing past my fears in order to grow and become a better person and I feel like this is a perfect example of me living up to my beliefs. I was afraid to DIE on the highway and yet I managed to drive to Tulsa and back. I’m not saying it was easy but I got it done!

It’s pretty easy for me to sit back and tell people how they should go about handling their own life obstacles, so I’m very proud that I can lead by example. Not only can I save myself time by taking the freeways (and avoid getting lost), but I’m also ready to drive my boyfriend to the airport next month for his trip to go back home and see his family.

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