Starving For Likes

When I first started blogging I had the intent that I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions, and artwork with the world. It’s a pretty simple concept that I still believe today. I’ve been on a long journey with my blog between the start of Loitering Lion in 2012 and the new chapter I’ve begun with Strawberries & Peonies now in 2016. During that time, I’ll admit, my intent got a bit skewed. The joy I had for posting on my blog turned into stress about attracting attention and an audience.


Image by Jack Lyons via Flickr.

As it turns out, stressing out about the number of people who follow me and look at my blog sucks a lot of the fun out of creating content and posting in the first place. I focused more on posting things I though other people wanted to see rather than things I enjoying making. On top of that, I pushed myself to keep up with my every other day posting schedule which at times lead to me posting a lot of bull shitty, half-assed posts.

 It took a lot of effort and time for me to genuinely in my core believe that the number count doesn’t matter. It took extended time away from blogging and me learning more about myself from In Real Life experiences. Learning to relax and focus on me and what makes me happy is still an element in life that I’m still trying to full accept, but I’ve come into terms with it enough to not worry about who is or is not keeping up with my blog.

Ever since I’ve loosened up on my blogging schedule and have cut down on my social media use I’ve actually been able to not only create a ton of content for my blog BUT create content that I’m really excited about sharing online. I feel like calming down about my website has helped me work on relaxing in general about my life. Now instead of working on not caring about people following me I need to work on not caring what other people think about my life and choices.

One thought on “Starving For Likes

  1. I completely agree, with blogging especially I think once you start creating content purely because you think other people will like it then it’s all downhill from there. I read a lot of posts about being talking a or numbers and growth, but for me I really try to just stick with posting content that I’d want to read and would enjoy myself.


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