Investing In Business Cards

I’m so incredibly excited about my business cards coming in the mail! They’re so cute! Ahh!

business cards

It may seem a little silly that I  would get business cards for my blog but believe it or not there have been multiple occasions over the years where people were interested in checking out my blog and/or collaborating but I didn’t have a business card to hand over to keep in touch. Turns out, just telling people your URL doesn’t work because they totally forget!

I designed my business cards through, which I highly recommend. It only cost me $19.99 to make 100 of these cute little half cards. I went with the smaller business cards because I felt like the normal sized ones are so serious. I wanted cute little cards to match my cute little blog.

I kept my card pretty simple by putting my logo on one side and my contact info on the other. I haven’t even handed any of them out yet and I’m still very excited to even have them. It makes me feel pulled together, as well as prepared to put my blog on display. I live in one of the most creative cities in the country and it’s about time I get out there and get networking!

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