Brainstorm Notebooks

One habit I’ve picked up on since I started blogging is having a designated notebook for my brainstorming. Anytime I feel struck with a sense of inspiration I grab my pastel Moleskin notebook and start jotting down anything and everything that pops into my head.


Image by kylesteed via Tumblr.

Post ideas, logo sketches, to do lists, rough drafts of articles, any and every rouge thought I have I try to record in my notebook. Even if I don’t use all of the ideas right away in the future I may find myself struggling with writers block and ‘lo and behold! I have a notebook chock full of untouched ideas.

Ideally I want to save all of my brainstorm books so that I’ll have a huge supply of jumping off points when it comes to creating content. It’s also how I keep track of all of my previous side projects, whether they actually ending up taking off or not. I even keep a smaller pastel Moleskin in my purse so I can jot down ideas on the go.

Keeping notebooks for blog work and brainstorming is just a little cheat I wanted to share for all of you creatives out there. Whether you’re a writer, illustrator, filmmaker, musician, whatever you do, this is a very convenient habit to have. You get bonus points if you use even halfway legible handwriting and more pen/marker colors than just plain black or blue!

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