Getting My Natural Hair Color Back

I’ve been dyeing my hair different colors since I was 16 and now, at 21, the day has finally come: I want my natural hair color back. But of course, like any other time I’ve dealt with changing hair colors, getting my natural color back is not as simple of a process as I originally thought.


Image by Marcel Nuernberger via Flickr.

Earlier this year I wanted to have light brown hair so I bleached my hair in an attempt to get the color I wanted. It turns out that I look ok with light brown hair but the shade never came out quite like I wanted and it ended up fading back to orange before I knew it.

This year I’ve been trying to lighten up my beauty routine, and I finally decided that a major way to simplify is to go back to my natural hair color. I wouldn’t have to spend money on dye anymore and my hair would not turn orange anymore!

You would think that all I would have to do get a couple of hair cuts and then I’d be back to normal BUT the bleached bits are 1) fading quickly back to orange and 2) growing out slower than I thought. My hair grows pretty fast and I don’t think the growth process is stunted BUT I have all of these messy bangs that I’m not willing to chop all off at once. I’m comfortable with cutting my bangs pretty short but I still have my limits.

It’s been about four months since I began attempting to get my natural color back and it looks like it’ll be a while until I reach my goal. I think Ill have all the bleached bit gone by the end of the year so I won’t have to dye it anymore. From then on I’d just have to grow out the dyed bits…which will take who knows how long. At least I’ll be rid of that horrible orange though!

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