I’ve taken a dive and finally got around to making a bloggers retweet account on Twitter called PastelBloggers. I know that doesn’t mean anything to most people so let my try to explain in words that actually make sense.

pastel blogger twitter
The Pastel Bloggers Twitter profile page

On Twitter, there are various accounts that solely retweet blog links and occasionally host blogger chats. I’ve always been fascinated by the sense of community these accounts create and have been interested in starting of my own for years. I even attempted a US Bloggers account back in 2014 but quickly dropped the project due to personal issues I was facing at the time.

I think though it all I’ve always wanted to make a blogging community because I’ve always had issues feeling like I fit in the blog circles online. I feel like my content is not enough beauty, or I don’t use the right fonts, or I don’t know. Something always felt off.

So I’m taking the situation in my own hands and I created @PastelBloggers on Twitter. Basically for now I’ll just be retweeting links of bloggers who @ me or use the #PastelBloggers hashtag. It’s not just for pastel centered blogs, but anyone who enjoys pastels in general. I’m pretty excited about the endeavor and I’m even looking into starting a weekly Pastel Bloggers chat once I get a little bit of a following going.

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