More Blogs Please!

I love reading blogs and I feel like I don’t keep up with nearly enough. I want to read about people’s lives, travels, dreams, goals, accomplishments…I want to see more people express themselves whether it’s through writing, drawing, video, or who know what else!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

One of the things I’m dying to see is more people in my real life creating blogs. I’m a nosey person, I’ll admit, and I love reading about what other people are up to. The more unconventional the better! Let me in on your lives!

The past week or two I’ve been trying to convince more people to start blogs. Past the initial “I’m a nosey turd” reason, I also believe blogging has a lot of benefits. When I blog it gives me a sense of purpose. It feels really good that someone, anyone out there in the world can hear what I have to say. Blogging also makes me genuinely happy. Through everything I’ve been through the past couple of years at least I’ve always had my website to focus on.

I also love creative people and I feel like following websites it’s a great way for me to keep up with what everyone’s current projects are. Also I just really like reading juicy posts about what everyone is doing with their lives! It’s public domain AND I post a shit ton on my blog too so people can read up on my questionable life decisions as well! More blogs please!

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