Day Trip To San Marcos

On Saturday I had the most amazing day! My boyfriend and I just past our one year anniversary and we thought it’d be fun to go visit the small town where we met, San Marcos, Texas.

We started the day off at the river. It looked pretty busy at first, but we walked a few minutes down stream and we found a beautiful spot with lots of shade and absolutely no one was around. What a treat! The water felt so great in this Texas heat. We drank a few drinks, played some music, and had some really wonderful conversations.

After a few hours by the river we wandered off to the In-and-Out that recently opened in town. I’d never been before but it was pretty good (though I think I still like P. Terry’s better). From there we ventured over to an art gallery and enjoyed some photography from local creatives. We walked around the local college campus a bit, as well, and I showed Austin what dorm I used to live in.

Our final stop was Stellar Café, where we cooled down and enjoyed some iced coffees. Stellar is actually where Austin and I first met, so it was super sweet to stop by and reminisce on the past year we’ve spent together. Austin and I already have so many wonderful memories together and it makes me so excited for the future with him.

Our little day trip down to San Marcos was so much fun. I love going on adventures with Austin, and this is one to remember. It was exciting to revisit some of our old spots, and at the end of the day the trip was actually very relaxing. I’m looking forward to more trips like this in the future.

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