How To Give Your Blog A Smooth Makeover

I recently did a top to bottom makeover on my blog and I want to share a few key elements in making a smooth and swift transition.


Image by Adrian Scottow via Flickr.

1) Fresh Look – color scheme, logo, and background are the main three elements I attack when I’m working on a new look for my blog. Typically I make the logo myself in Illustrator and mess around with colors until I find the right shade. In the past I found simple backgrounds online but the past couple I had made for me. As it turns out simple pastel scallops take .02 seconds to make.

2) New Blog Name – I get asked pretty often how I come up with my blog name. I made Loitering Lion up in summer camp when I was 14 and as for Strawberries & Peonies…if just popped into my head. As soon as I came up with it I made a beeline to my laptop to see if it was claimed and since it wasn’t I claimed it ASAP, including on all my social media. I like to act fast!

3) Deciding Which Posts Work – By this I mean I don’t have a Spotify plug-in anymore so I can’t make anymore playlist posts BUT I can’t use this as an opportunity to use my creative energy to post more videos. I want to focus in on a) posts my readers enjoy and b) making posts I enjoy working on.

4) Updating Social Media Pages – put that new color scheme and logo to work! I never feel like a blog makeover is complete without dolling up my social media accounts. I also went through all of my accounts and deleted the ones that were useless and/or soul draining (I.e. Facebook, Google Plus, Bloglovin). Instead of stretching myself thing over tons of accounts I want to be more attentive to a few.

5) Announcing the Changes – Time to put all of the hard work on display! I posted on my social media accounts about the changes to draw readers but mostly so my followers wouldn’t be confused by all of the new usernames after all these years. Also because I’m very proud of my new look!

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