Deleting Content

With all of the changes happening with my blog and the rebrand I’ve also been going through a lot of technical adjustments with it. Recently I had to go through ALL of my blog posts (400+ blog posts to give you an idea) and add the images that were still in my media library but decided not to show up on the blog itself. On top of the photos not showing up, MANY where missing altogether so I had to make some cuts.


Image by Jason Pope via Flickr.

I didn’t have enough time or energy to literally go through every single post so I had to cut quite a few from 2011 – 2013. I had to cut I little over 100 posts to be a little more specific. That’s around a quarter of my work from over the years that is just…gone.

At first it was a little upsetting to be honest, but I’m trying to look at the glass as half full. Maybe instead of losing tons of work from over the years it’s more of a cleanse. I was able to save most of the posts that I really liked which is a huge positive, so a lot of the lost work was mediocre posts by a teenager trying to keep up with her own blogging schedule (which if you recall used to be a new post every other day. Talk about intense!).

I’m trying really hard not to think about how much of a complete mess this process has been and think about how great the changes look. I had to swap servers eventually and this rebrand has been slowly but surely  creeping up on me for months. It was just time to finally buckle down, take a few hits, and get all this blog mess situated.

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