How To Make The Most Of Summer

Summer is my favorite season! I love the sun, the beach, swimming pools, lots of pastels and florals and even though I’m NOT a fan of skin cancer I can’t deny I have a teeny tiny soft spot for a tan. This summer is the first summer that I’m not drowning in financial struggles and I’m excited to make it the best summer yet! The following is a list of my ideas and experiences:


Image by Tony Hisgett via Flickr.

Pool Time – Last month I discovered how gorgeous the pool at my apartment complex is. I can’t get over it! And now at least once a week I pack up some sun screen and speakers and hang out by the water. It’s the most relaxing thing on my itinerary and I can’t pass it up!

Beach Trips – I’ve already wandered down to the coast once this summer but I can’t deny that I find myself daydreaming of going back. I’m still on the fence about spending more money on a hotel room but even just to run off one day and chill by the beach would be so nice.

Day Trips – I’m cheap and hotels are extra expensive during the summer. Day trips are where I’m leaning towards at the moment. Just imagine: loading up the car at dawn and driving out of town for the day for some fresh air and new adventures. A few places I’d like to spend the day: a few small towns around Texas that have nice swimming spots and/or museums, the beach (of course), or even the outlet mall a few towns over.

Destination Dates – Summer wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t go all out at least once! In August I have reservations for a overnight stay in a treehouse cabin. I’m not kidding. While I’m over there I also get to experience a treetop tour involving zip lines which is all fun in theory except that I’m afraid of heights. I guess it’s time for me to face my fear, too!

Road Trips – I already ran off to Oklahoma for a concert this summer (it was in April but I’m counting it!) and I have one more trip planned in September (still counts!) to go see a football game at my boyfriend’s alma mater. It’s a few states away but thank goodness I have such a small car!

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