Why I Deleted My Facebook

With so many social media options at our fingertips it becomes easier and easier to get wrapped up into the world of likes and uber-staged selfies. It got to a point where I began to feel obligated to share what I was up to on social media just to prove that I’m in fact NOT a total bore. It’s time for me to cut back a little, starting with getting rid of Facebook.


Image by Jason Howie via Flickr.

Looking at my Facebook profile page I noticed that there wasn’t much there. I hardly ever interact with people on it, and most of my posts were my Instagram posts. I used Facebook to watch what others were doing and finally I decided that I simply don’t care what other people are up to. The few people who are actually entertaining to keep up with on social media are also on Twitter and Instagram not to mention the fact that I doubt I’d be missed.

I keep so many social media accounts because of my blog and quite frankly Facebook wasn’t helping me. My readers are typically on Twitter and now I have the option from people to subscribe to Strawberries & Peonies through email.

I still catching myself going on my phone to check Facebook but it HAS only been a day. I’ll break the habit by the end of the week for sure. I also deleted Bloglovin, and seriously considered nixing Pinterest though ultimately I decided to keep it. Tumblr.  would’ve been one to go but I’ve recently gotten back into it so for the sake of simple entertainment I’m keeping it.

I don’t regret deleting my Facebook at all. I did have to make a new Spotify account but a fresh account feels pretty cleansing too. I’d be more than happy to follow anybody on Twitter or Instagram, but it was just time for Facebook to go.

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