Being Personal Online

Ever since I first started blogging I’ve been faced with the dilemma of  how much of my personal should I share on online. I’ve never been one to blast my life on the internet, even on my more well hidden accounts. But I find a lot inspiration from my life and what I’m going through. Where is the line?


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

I believe that boundary is different for everyone, but I LOVE reading about the details of my friend’s lives online. Tumblr.  is pure entertainment. I wish more people had blogs and updated them regularly. Part of me wants to lead by example and share more about my daily/personal life.

The main reason I hold back with what I post on my blog is because it’s not a secret. I’m pretty sure everyone in my family knows my blog’s URL. All my friends know. My boyfriend. His family is starting to figure out my blog, too. Not that I’m ashamed of any part of my life or that I’m trying to hide anything…but when you put yourself out there you open yourself up for judgment. Whether it’s a positive opinion or not it’s all judgment.

I’m think that if I just rip the bandaid off and post more it won’t turn out to be so bad. The initial jump is a little intimidating. I’ve never been one to give a shit about other people’s opinions anyway so what difference does it make?

That’s my goal going into this next chapter of my blogging life: being a little more personal and a little less polished. It’s important for me to still be mindful that literally anyone in the whole world could simply Google my name and find this blog but it would hurt if I loosened up a bit.

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