Road Trip To Tulsa Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I went on my first road trip of the year to Tulsa, Oklahoma. My sister, Mimi, and I were dying to see Melanie Martinez in concert and all of her Texas show dates were sold out so we decided to take a risk and drive seven hours to Tulsa to catch a show there. I just barely learned how to drive on highways and it has been years since I left the state of Texas but I was willing to put myself out there for the sake of the concert. Plus, I do love a good adventure. And what an adventure it was!


Image by auspices via Flickr.

One thing I wasn’t expecting to learn was how much of a nightmare Oklahoma is. I’ve had many, many people tell me that Oklahoma blows but seeing for myself was a whole experience. It was literally a case of culture shock! At one point Mimi and I needed to stop somewhere for lunch so we pulled over in a small town on the side of the highway. As soon as we were off the highway we lost reception. By the time we made it to the little town we realized that it was only six block long with only a Sonic, a Subway, and  Pizza Hut.

Another strange note about Oklahoma: they don’t have gas stations on the side of the highway. I wish I knew this before I went! In Texas there are gas stations and restaurants all along the highway but in Oklahoma it’s nothing but trees. I’m not even exaggerating! On top of that there were tolls out the ass! We had to pay a toll to fuel up my car! We had to pay a toll to get into Tulsa! We had to pay a toll to breathe, it felt like! There was never a warning about the tolls either. They pop up out of nowhere and rip at your coin purse!

Going into Tulsa I was expecting a break from the wilderness considering the fact that it’s one of the largest cities in the state. I was expected an Austin, Texas level city but I was very surprised when I saw how…empty Tulsa was. The show ended at 10pm and tell me why downtown Tulsa had TWO cars driving around. The highways were so dark that my back window was pitch black unless someone was driving behind me, and the most popular brand of gas station was called Kum and Go.

It was cool to see Melanie Martinez in concert and we did pick up some cool merch but we also learned in the moment that a bulk of her fans are literally middle schoolers. They were making fun of eleven year olds/elementary school children. They were proud that they didn’t have their parents with them at the show. I’m not exaggerating when I say that everything that came out of these kids mouths were DIRECT QUOTES/JOKES/MEMES from Tumblr!!!! I walked away feeling confident in the fact that I’m an adult and I had a grasp on who I am as a person because CLEARLY these kids cling to the internet for their identity. Middle school is an awkward time and those kids will definitely look back on 2016 in shame. I also expected Melanie fans to be way more cute/pastel/floral like Mimi and I were but…emo Tumblr. kids GALORE.

There was a lot for me to digest from my trip to Oklahoma. Ultimately I sprinted back to Texas as fast as I could feeling very thankful for my lifestyle in Austin. I’m not saying there aren’t small, miserable towns in Texas, it’s just the one’s tucked away in the OK wilderness really stuck with me. I know I’m probably biased because I always have been a city girl, but I still ended up spending a good chunk of my ride back home counting my blessings.

As rough as the trip was I’m really glad I went. It was a good way to put my life in perspective, plus I got to spend some quality time with my sister. I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone from time to time and the Oklahoma trip was just that.

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