Lightening Up My Look

It’s no secret that make up and beauty have become a pretty big hobby for me. I love trying to products and experimenting with new variations of my look. Usually when I working with my makeup I’m thinking of what else I can add to my routine and which productions I can buy. However, lately I’ve been taking a different approach. Instead of trying to add more to my daily makeup routine, I’m taking elements out of it.


Image by Roco Julie via Flickr.

I haven’t been using BB Cream over the past few weeks. I use a light powder on my face still, but not every day. At first I felt like I looked gross without BB Cream but honestly I look more like an actual human being. It only took a week for me to get used to not having BB Cream on and when I tried wearing it again for a day I felt like I looked weirder WITH it. I still like my light powder to get rid of some of the shininess on my face but I don’t feel the need to even out my color anymore.

Another element I’ve been excluding lately is my classic cat eyeliner. GASP! I’ve been doing the cat eye look for years and have gotten really good at applying it. However, eyeliner gets clogged up in my eyelashes which makes it difficult to clean out at the end of the day. Not wearing eyeliner (especially so much of it) made a big difference with getting me closer to a lighter look. It’s a pretty big step for me that was actually much easier to take than expected.

I still use eyeshadow and am sticking to the natural pinks and browns that I’ve been using for years. I can’t lie that pink has always looked best on my face! I use mascara as well, but have begun using it lightly on my bottom lashes as well to add a little extra pop.

Occasionally I’ll dust a little blush on and  of course I’m still obsessed with popping on lipstick, with my matte pink and rose hues.

Overall, it’s been really nice wearing a little less makeup. A couple of months ago I dyed my hair light brown and I’ve been getting my hair cut more frequently to keep is shorter more consistently, so a lighter makeup look matches these changes perfectly. Eventually I’d love to rework my wardrobe to match my lighter look but that’s an adventure for another day.

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