At Home Spa Day

After a long week at work it’s important to me to spend time unwinding and relaxing. There are a few different ways I relax, but one of the more fun ways is an at-home spa day. There are a lot of ways to go about a spa day but here’s what I usually do:



Photo by David Clow via Flickr.

Repaint my nails 

Take a bath/use a bath bomb 

Light a nice smelling candles 

Get in snuggly clothes 

Play with new makeup products 

Get a haircut 

Dye my hair 

Use a facial mask 

Take a nap 

Write in a journal

I don’t do all of these things every time, but they all help me relax on my day off. Usually while I’m going about my at-home spa day I have a trash television show playing on the TV. Anything from TLC or Investigation Discovery never hurts. Basically anything I can watch while doing other things. Ultimately, everyone’s spa day is going to be different because everyone is relaxed by different things. I’m hoping my list will at least spark some ideas for people who want to have an at-home spa day but don’t know where to start. It’s important for people to take time out of their week to unwind and recharge. At-home relaxation days are a good and inexpensive way to go!

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