Places To Go

Now that I have my ducks in order (somewhat) I’ve been finding myself thinking about one of my many hobbies, traveling. I’m determined to make this the year I get back on the road again and see new sights. Before I can pack up my bags, though, I have to brainstorm places to go.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Big Bend – It’s been a while since I’ve done some camping, and I’ve certainly never went camping out in the middle of a desert before. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Big Bend and I’m looking forward to experiencing that part of West Texas.

Corpus Christi – Two words: Beach. Trip. I’m obsessed with hitting the beach in the summertime and I didn’t go nearly as much as I wanted to last year. My goal is to head over to Corpus at least once in order to experience a lovely beach day again.

New Braunfels – Keeping up with the beach theme, I would love to visit a water park this summer. Schlitterbahn is a massive water park in Texas that I haven’t been to since…2012?? It’s been a while! I’ve dying to go back with my boyfriend in tow to share how fun Schlitterbahn is with him. The trick is to catch it on a day it’s now swamped with kids and their parents who are off for the summer.

Mississippi – Visiting Mississippi isn’t something I expect to do until the very end of the year, but I’m still looking forward to going. The reason why I want to visit is because my boyfriend’s family lives there and I’d like to meet them. I’ve already met his parents briefly but I was paralyzed by my nerves the whole time. I’m hoping the next time I see them I’ll be a little less…frozen.

I would like to incorporate one more trip in to this list as well, but I have to start from scratch on that one. Originally I wanted to visit New Orleans but then learned that it’s one of the more dangerous cities in the nation. I’ll think of another place to go but I’ll need some time on that one.

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