Fresh Style

After scanning the shelves of Forever 21 and H&M over and over again I’m starting to realize that I’m over these stores. As time goes on I find it harder to find anything I would want to wear in these stores. Absolutely nothing matches my style. The question comes up: where do I shop now?


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

The issue with stores like Forever 21 is that it’s quick fashion. They have a ton of clothes that they throw on the shelves but none of it is new or fresh. These stores follow shitty internet and celebrity trends. I don’t want to dress like Kylie Jenner! I want to dress like me!

When I go shopping I look for cute little skirts, dresses, crop tops, lace and pastels. I am interested in looking to add new elements to my wardrobe but I’m not into the popular trend and style in these stores. Should I start thrifting more? Should I find some online stores? I’m not entirely sure where to start.

I’m trying to hold off on shopping until we get closer to summer and when I get more into shape. I’ve been exercising a lot and eating well lately with the idea to treat myself to a little shopping spree after I reach my ultimate goal. I still have quite a bit of time until then to find new places to shop but I’m interested in looking into new places now. If anyone has any suggestions on where to shop please let me know!

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