Valentine’s Day 2016

This year was my first full-on classic Valentine’s Day. Getting dressed up nice, the dinner for two, gifts and cards…I had a whole Valentine’s Day weekend!

valentines card
The Valentine’s Day card I made for my boyfriend!

On Saturday, February 13th I spent the first half of the day out with shopping with my sister. I got a few odds and ends including coasters that look like tree trunks, new headbands, and Valentine’s card games for couples. The second part of the day I had a friend and her boyfriend over to hang out with Austin and me. While Austin and I waited for them to arrive we played one of the Valentine’s card games. The game mixed with wine led to me almost bursting into a lot of happy tears. I had to hold back though because we had company coming over soon. When our friends came over we drank and played board games until 2am.

valentine's playing cards
Playing cards for couples!

Sunday, the 14th started with Austin and me exchanging cards and gifts. He isn’t the biggest fan of material things so I made him a card from scratch and wrote a little note in the envelope attached to it. I’m super proud of the card I made because Austin was very impressed with the craftiness and he even teared up a bit when he read my note! I received a cute little box of chocolates, a set of six bath bombs, and a Naked 3 palette! I was blown away! Shortly after that I had to run off to work for the morning but I made it back to the apartment in time to hang out with Austin a little before we went off to dinner. Austin got use a reservation at a cute little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant. We had a four course meal and I felt very fancy! I’d never been to fancy dinner before. It was a great experience and I was so glad I share that memory with Austin.

Valentine’s Day gifts!

My Valentine’s weekend was full of friends, wine, and a lot of love. I, of course, love Austin every day of the year but it was really nice to spend Valentine’s Day celebrating our relationship and our connection with each other. As wonderful as this year’s celebration was I’m even more excited about the many more Valentine’s Days that I’ll share with Austin in the future.

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