Orange Hair!

I did the thing that I do where I get a “bright” idea and run with it. This week it was the classic “I want a new hair color and I’m going to completely change it overnight in the comfort of my own home with box dyes”. CLASSIC AMANDA. You would think that after all of the hair fiascos I’ve experienced with similar plans that MAYBE I would have learned my lesson but you were wrong!


Photo by Softness via Flickr.

This time around my plan was to lighten my hair from dyed black to light brown. It’s a new season and I’m in a new phase in my life so I figured it would be good to mix up my look. Perhaps I should’ve gone to a professional, though, to avoid potential blows to my self-esteem.

To start the process I striped the black dye the best I could from my hair. At that point my hair looked red. Like, RED. From there I bleached my hair which turned it orange. Then I used a light brown color on my hair which turned my hair MORE ORANGE.

It’s pretty terrible. My roots still look pretty blonde and everything else is bright orange. I’m not going to lie, I cried a little, mostly because I had work the next morning. I really did not think my plan through. On bright side, I could just run over to the nearest convenience store and pick up a darker shade in a different brand. My poor hair probably wants to murder me at this point for what I put it through over the past 12 hours. Good thing softening hair is a specialty of mine after all of my hair disasters over the years!

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