How I Met Austin

With Valentine’s still in the air, today I’d like to take a moment to reminisce about how I met my boyfriend, Austin. It’s hard to believe it has already been 7 ½ months since we met! It was June 23, 2015 and I was in the middle of another miserable summer in San Marcos, Texas. I was in a coffee shop downtown and was attempted to not be particularly noticeable to the people around me. The last thing I needed was any potential serial killers attempting to talk to me, right?


Photo by Linh Nguyen via Flickr.

I was pretty embarrassed when Austin first approached me because I’m constantly a huge mess that also just so happens to not have a filter. When he first approached me I honestly tried to hide behind a menu! Austin still managed to start a conversation and we chatted for a solid hour and a half. I kid you not at one point I actually pulled out a knife from my purse to show him. WHY?? I dropped a ton of F-bombs and picked my underwear out of my ass multiple times. For whatever reason he still seemed interested in getting to know me so we ended up spending the whole day today.

We went to a local party store and got low-key pushed out by an employee because of my potty mouth (the employee never officially said that to me but she kept asking if we were going to buy anything with a tone, also there was a family in the almost empty store and I guess the mom didn’t have a sense of humor). We visited a few other shops around downtown San Marcos before we wandered around Texas State University campus. I attended the university and lived down the street from it so I had a lot of memories around campus. It was really nice to share them with him!

We ended the day by the river. We sat at the edge and stuck our feet in the water. I’m sure Austin wanted to straight up jump in but it was too soon for him to see me without my hair and makeup done (although he’d end up seeing it like a week later). We talked and talked and talked. In total we ended up spending a full seven hours together but at the end of the day it still didn’t feel like it was enough time. Lucky for me Austin and I became an official couple less than a week later, leaving me with endless time with him. Even now I feel like I can’t get enough of him. He’s such a sweetheart with a bizarre sense of humor. In a good way, of course! I’m very thankful to have Austin in my life and I’m glad we have so much time ahead to spend together.

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