Blogging Seriously

Over the past year or so I’ve definitely have calmed down about blogging expectations. For the longest time I held myself up to this idea that I needed to be some queen blogger. I had a schedule to post every other day which is a crazy amount of content to put out. I was constantly comparing my blog numbers to other people. I kept trying to come up with more ways to attract readers.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

And you know what? It was exhausting!

I started calming down about blogging as I got older and began to venture out into the world on my own. Suddenly I didn’t have the time to keep up with my strict blogging schedule like I could when I was in high school. There were bigger obstacles for me to face than how many readers I had each week.

Recently I’ve been able to settle down a bit which has given me room to think about my creative outlets. Could I blog every other day? Sure, I could go back to that but then I asked myself an important question: why?

Why did I feel like I needed to post so much? Was it because I wanted to or was it because I for some reason thought it was a part of a formula to help boost my blog. Was I posting quality content week to week or was I throwing things up just to hit my deadline?

Blogging is a lot of fun for me, but it’s way more fun what I see it for what it is: a hobby. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be amazing to be able to create art for a living one day but today is not that day. So why bug out about it? Nowadays I blog because I feel like it. I post what comes to me and I don’t bother worrying about how popular other blogs are (or even how popular mine is, for that matter). I don’t worry about grabbing anyone’s attention. I’m focused on expressing myself, sharing my art, and having fun!

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