Tax Return Cash

It’s tax season yet again and with W-2s arriving in the mail I’ve been thinking about how I want to spend my tax return money. Here are a few options I’ve been considering:


Image by Martin Weller via Flickr.

New Tattoo – After I got my peony tattoo I decided that a half sleeve of flowers would be so pretty. It’s quite a process and I expect it to take time for me to complete but what better time than now to invest in it?

Tiny Shopping Spree – I can’t deny that I love to shop. New clothes, more make up… I don’t really NEED more but I just love it!

Put Into Savings – I could be a responsible adult and put my refund into savings. I really ought to.

Household Items – I moved into my own apartment a month ago and although I have most of what I need for my new home, there are still a few things I need to pick up. A vacuum cleaner would be nice. A desk and a desk chair. I’m not DYING without these things right now but I’ll need them sooner or later.

Makeover Day – I could spend my money on bath bombs, getting my nails done, a fresh haircut and/or color, face masks, new nail polish colors…pampering never hurts!

Travel – I’m planning a trip later in the year for my boyfriend’s birthday and although my tax return probably won’t be able to cover the whole trip it could potentially help pull my plans together/make them smoother.

I have no idea how I’ll end up spending my tax return this year. I’m not one to spend money until I’m absolutely sure that I’m spending it in a way that will make me the happiest. Right now I’m leaning towards a new tattoo or putting it into savings. I have a lot of clothes and makeup as it is and I get plenty of pamper time in my daily time. I’ll probably put it into savings until I 1) make a decision or 2) forget that I put it into savings and leave it there.

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