Blogging Goals

Now that I’m settled into my new apartment and have caught up on sleep I feel like it’s time to focus back on my blog and the various other creative projects I’ve started over the years. To get myself into the motions of being creative (and keeping up with it) I’ve assembled a few goals I have for my blog.


Photo by Michael Dales via Flickr.

Post 3 times a week – This has been one of my goals for while and I’ve been doing better about being consistent about keeping up with my blogging schedule. At this point, keeping up with my blog will always be a goal for me.

More illustrations – Is once a week a little too ambitious? Either way it’s my goal! I need to just sit down and get it done!

More videos – I haven’t done a video in over a YEAR. It’s time to dusk the cobwebs off of my trusty tripod and get creative.

Spill more tea – My favorite posts are usually the ones the required the most thought to create. I want to post more about observations and conclusions. I want to THINK and I want my readers to think a little too.

Rework the look of Loitering Lion (MAYBE) – It’s been almost four years of Loitering Lion and maybe it’s time to rework the look of the blog. MAYBE. I thinking more color scheme/logo changes BUT what I have now works so well with the title of my website. We’ll see!

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