Smug Girlfriends & Single Hos

Everybody knows that one person on the Internet that is obnoxiously vocal about their relationship status. Whether they are taken, single, or forever alone, there are certain people who log into their social media accounts and feel the need to broadcast the current state of their love life.


Image by Lee Ann L. via Flickr.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shame anyone for their social media habits. I just find it absolutely fascinating, the lengths people will go let everyone know what is going down. I personally have always been very private about my love life. Even when I try to share more I still end up feeling vague. Perhaps I’m better off that way, but that doesn’t change my deep interest in other people’s lives.

Although I enjoy hearing about other people’s relationships (or lack thereof) sometimes the posts I read drive me a little crazy. A person could be happily in a relationship and still feel the need to point fingers at other’s about their lifestyles.

Are you single? If so, you’re a slut and you need to settle down. In a relationship? You’re a smug asshole, how dare you be happy. People get so bitter about their own relationship status that they end up making other’s uncomfortable with their accusations.

Why do people so defensive about their relationship status that she needs to slut shame others over it. Being bitter and single and lonely makes sense, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around the people who are in a relationship and still go out of their way so shame others. It’s perfectly normal for twenty somethings to date around and not settle in right off the bat. Are we all sluts for being regular ass people?

On some level I feel like people who post about their relationships so much on social media are trying to convince everyone that their love life is better than it is. It seems like a giant red flag. Nobody is perfect and if a relationship is as smooth as people advertised then why would they be on it all the time?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s normal for people to post about their relationships or lack of but let’s not get all defensive about it. Instead of shitting on others for not making the same life decisions as us perhaps we should all spend more time focusing on investing in our own lives.

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