My Accomplishments Of 2015

With the new year here it’s only natural for me to look back on 2015 and reflect on all of the thing’s I’ve accomplished. I’m all about making positive progress in life and one way to help is to take a moment to appreciate what I’ve done in the past. The following is all of the amazing things I’ve managed to achieve in 2015:


Image by Nina Hale via Flickr.

  1. Moved back to the city
  2.  Bought a car
  3. Spent a lot of time with my little sister
  4. Got a driver’s license
  5. Moved into my own apartment again
  6. Improved my financial situation
  7. Adopted a cat
  8. Got two more tattoos
  9. Kept my blog alive
  10. Got a handsome boyfriend who I absolutely adore and love

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