Goals For 2016

It’s pretty much time for New Year’s resolutions, or in my case a repeat of goals from last year. To get started, here are a few things I want to work on:


Photo by mt 23 via Flickr.

Blog Consistently – Keeping on top of my blogging schedule is always a goal for me. On top of that, this year I want to do more drawings, comics, and videos. I haven’t touched either of those mediums in a while and I think it’d be a ton of fun to get back into it!

Get Fit – I know. Everyone has this goal. I probably had this goal literally last year. The difference this year is that I have a 24 hour fitness center at my disposal and a new roommate who is well versed in the ways of fitness (or so they claim). Either way, I’m ready to begin a fitness journey. Again.

Get a New Job – It may be a little crazy of me to want to start job searching again considering the fact that I went through four different jobs in 2015 but I’ve had my reasons to move on so often. This time it’s because I’ve moved (AGAIN) and I want to have a job that isn’t halfway across the city.

I guess I don’t have too many goals this year but they are pretty big ones so I’ll have plenty of things to do in the new year. I’m going to start by ripping off the band aid and getting back to the job hunt. These goals are more of a jumping off point of productivity for me. I’ve achieved so much in 2015 and I’m excited to see what will happen in my life in 2016.

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