Ipsy Bag December 2015

I’ve been receiving Ipsy bags on and off through the second half of the year. I decided that this month I’d resubscribe and I was pleasantly surprised by what I received in the mail. The bag itself is so cute (though pastel pink would’ve been better…pastel anything would’ve been better!) and I really like the quilted look of it.

ipsy dec2015

The first item I got was a vegan lipstick from Pacifica. The shade is a gorgeous dark red that looks very natural on my lips. I’ve been meaning to get a shade like this for months so it was great that ipsy sent the right one.

The second item I received was a exfoliating cleanser for my face. It’s a brown sugar, almond, and oat formula from BeFine. I absolutely love this product because it’s pretty much a sugar scrub for my face. I’m obsessed with sugar scrubs but have always been weary of using them on my face in case it wasn’t gentle enough. It’s nice to have this exfoliator that’s made specifically for faces.

I also received a travel sized mascara in my bag this month. I got the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. I’m so excited to get this sample because I recently had trouble choosing between it and the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Face. I went with Too Faced and regretted it. It was a nice surprise to get the sample I wanted to try and actually be impressed with the product! I’ve never been more happy to have a non clumpy mascara, to say the least.

A black pencil eyeliner also came in my bag from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. It’s the perfect shade for me but I’m more of a liquid liner kind of girl. Maybe ipsy will catch on sooner or later but maybe this liner will be good for under my eyes. It’s a brand that I have had good experiences with in the past though so I really can’t complain.

The fifth product I got is a face mask/moisturizer. It’s from Clark’s Botanicals and it can be used as a mask or as a lotion. I intend on using it as a mask because I’m obsessed with face masks. Although I haven’t used the product yet I’m very happy because any mask is good enough for me at this point in my life. On the website it says it’s $72 for the tiny sample size that I got so I intend on making the most of it. It has a nice scent that reminds me of the spa. I’m saving this little sample for after I move and have a fresh new bathtub to unwind and relax in.

Usually ipsy only comes with five products but I got a bonus product because I cashed in my points from writing reviews about previous bags through their website. I got Cruelty-Free leave in conditioner from BWC. It works wonders on my hair and although I have WAY too many different conditioners right now to justify buying more when my sample runs out. My hair is naturally dry, on top of dyeing and straightening it on a regular basis, so having a leave in conditioner on hand is always a plus!

My Ipsy bag this month was amazing! I’m so glad I resubscribed and I’m looking forward until next month so I can see what other beauty treasures they have in store for me!

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