Am I the only one who keeps forgetting that Christmas is next week? Christmas seems like the last thing I care about this month. I guess I have too much going on!

Photo by Daniel Go via Flickr.

This month my biggest project has been getting my driver’s license. I’ve been so focused all month on getting my car, learning to drive it, and eventually taking my driving test (next week!) that everything thing just kind of…disappears in my mind.

On top of driving I’ll be moving soon…..though I haven’t even unpacked from when I initially moved into my dad’s house back in August. All I really need to do is find a lease to sign, collect my six whole boxes, and shuffle on out of here. Moving is definitely one of those things that are easier said than done. I’ve had good experiences when moving in the past, though so I’m not worried about it. It’s finding a place to live that’s the tricky part.

And if major life changes weren’t enough to keep me busy through December, I’ve had a ton of things to do. Let’s see! I met my boyfriend’s parents, there’s crazy Christmas party I’m attending today, Star Wars in the IMAX is on Thursday, I still have to practice driving all week until my test (please don’t fail because how can I move out without the ability to drive…AGAIN), THEN Christmas and moving by the end of the month.

Maybe it’s not so crazy that I keep forgetting about Christmas. Also, I blame the weather since it’s been in the seventies for the past two weeks. I was sweating outside today! On the brightside, even if I forget Christmas until last minute I’ve already done all of my gift shopping. Everything is shity-ly wrapped and jammed under the Christmas tree. I honestly don’t even want anything in return for Christmas, I only want to survive is hectic month!

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