My New Honda!

After months and months of saving money I finally was able to purchase my first car! I got a white 2016 Honda Fit and it’s my precious baby. Nevermind the fact that I still don’t have a driver’s license.



Believe it or not, I’ve wanted a Honda Fit since I first heard of their existence back in 2007. A tiny city car always seemed perfect for me since I’m a tiny city girl. Plus my little sister’s first car is a cute little Honda Fit too! I’m kind of obsessed with  my sister, so I feel lucky to have our cars match.

I’m nervous about learning to drive in my brand new car but I’d rather practice in my own car than someone else’s. One of my favorite things about my car so far is all of the safety features. I appreciate the special break functions as well as how it’s designed to not get me killed as easily should I crash. I’m paranoid, okay! I also like the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone, though I have  AUX and USB ports as well (also an HDMI port though why would I use that??)

I’m super excited about getting my driver’s license soon. I’m not worried about the test being hard so much as I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to practice. My test is already scheduled so it’s a matter of me lining my free time up with the 21+ in my life who are legally allowed to teach me to vroom vroom!

It feels good to have worked hard and earned my car the good ol’ fashion way. I feel like an actual responsible individual paying for it myself (though I did need my dad to go into the dealership with me in case the sales people tried to trick me into buying anything I didn’t need). As stressful as it was trying to communicate with my bank and the dealership back and forth it was worth it because now I have the car of my dreams!

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