Black Friday Star Wars Haul

For the first time in my life I went out on Thursday night and stood in line at my local Target in the rain for Black Friday like the American trash that I am. I had a few things to pick up and I needed a break from being at home, ok??

star wars joggers

I only picked up a few things, but they’re pretty cool if you ask me. I got a couple of Star Wars joggers that I’ve been eyeing for months. My favorite pair is the one with the darker gray and the little logo on the top left corner. They’re both comfy and I enjoy them, especially in this colder weather.

I also picked up a pair of Star Wars underwear, and although I won’t include a photo of those (y’all don’t need to know what my underwear looks like) I promise you that they’re great!

That’s all I picked up for Black Friday. The jeggings were 40% off so I ended up saving $18 on my purchase. Target was pretty calm while I was there, to be honest. It wasn’t nearly as hectic as I expected. I also noticed that though some of the sales were pretty decent, a lot of them were $1 off itty bitty sales. Like… are you kidding me?

Black Friday shopping was fun, despite all of the salty people bashing it on the web. Usually I don’t get involved with Black Friday because of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years but it wasn’t that bad. People can’t drive for shit and it was raining though, so I’m saving most of my shopping for Cyber Monday!

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