Flower Tattoo

I ended up getting my fourth tattoo a lot sooner than I thought! When I got my Friday the 13th tattoo back in October I had an idea for my next tattoo but I wasn’t expecting to get it until AT LEAST mid-2016. But, just like when I got my first tattoo, after a month I felt the urge to go back to the tattoo parlor and get inked again!

peony tattoo

My latest tattoo is a pink peony that was actually designed by my boyfriend, Austin. He’s a very talented artist and I’m obsessed with how he draws flowers. Originally I was going to get a rose he drew tattooed on my arm, but a day before I went in for my appointment Austin showed me  a couple designs he did for me to chose from.

The peony caught my eye first. His drawing was so beautiful and I loved the colors he used in the design. When we look it in to get it tattooed on me the tattoo artist was really impressed with it and said that tattooing it “made his day”. It was a pretty great experience for everyone involved it seems.

I got my tattoo done at Platinum Ink in Austin, Texas and I had a really good experience. They have the option to do an online consultation which is super convenient if you don’t have the time to go in the shop in person for consultation (or your shy…or lazy….or both!). When you do the online consultation they send you a $20 off voucher for your first tattoo with them. I didn’t end up using the voucher because I forgot about it, but it’s the thought that counts!

Austin is such a stickler about tattoo care, and usually I just tease and ignore him, but since he was so involved in this one I decided to take his advice about aftercare. It turns out his advice worked and this tattoo healed WAY faster than any of my other ones despite it being the biggest tattoo I have.

This tattoo is gorgeous and I’m so happy with it! It is the last idea I had for a tattoo so I don’t expect to get more anytime soon. Austin has plenty of tattoos, and keeps getting more so he keeps me entertained on the tattoo front. I love my new tattoo and feel so lucky to have such an artistic and talented person in my life.

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