Musings Of A Modern Mermaid: Mermaidens

If you’re interested in pastels and ridiculously cute style then I have the perfect blog for you to check out today. Kailey is a pastel clad style blogger from Portland, Oregon who is behind the rapidly growing website, Mermaidens, I contacted Kailey and asked her a few questions about style, creativity, and what it’s like being a style guru.


Kailey was initially inspired to start blogging because she wanted an outlet for her creative endeavors. Mermaidens started as a DIY clothing blog and eventually evolved into one about Kailey’s personal style. She finds inspiration for blog posts from old movies, cartoons, her friends, and desserts which all shines through her style.


Personal style differs from person to person, and Kailey is by no means any different. Her vibrant, unique style was developed over the years as she realized she could channel things that caught her eye through a canvas, her clothes! When asked about how she realized her iconic pink hair is for her she stated, “First, I dyed my hair black and absolutely loved how stark and interesting it was! Slowly, though, I saw all these girls on Tumblr. with gorgeous technicolor locks that made me realize it was possible. I researched the best bleach, dye, and methods for hours – and when I finally achieved pastel pink, it just *felt* right! It truly feels like my natural color at this point.”


When it comes to developing outfits for posts on her blog Kailey has her methods, “It usually starts with the piece I’m going to wear – I usually think up what other pieces I will wear with it, and as I’m visualizing it other things like accessories, props, and locations usually pop in my head.”

What caught my attention about Kailey’s website, other than her amazing style, was how many popular brands she’s worked with, including Coca-Cola, Modcloth, and CoverGirl. She feels humbled to have the opportunity to work with brands, especially the ones she grew up loving.


As far as her goals as a style guru, Kailey wants to keep doing what she’s doing! She also advises others who want to develop their own style to “experiment and try not to let your fear of what others will think of what you are wearing stop you.”

I’m personally a big fan of Mermaidens and deeply appreciate the opportunity to ask Kailey a few questions about her work. For more from Kailey be sure to follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

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