Dyed Black Hair

Over the years I’ve dyed my hair countless of colors, and through it all I feel like black is the best hair color on me. Some may argue that black isn’t much different than my natural dark brown color but try walking around without your mascara on and see how you feel. It has a very similar effect. Black hair makes my messy, greasy locks appear edgy instead of gross. It makes my shittly straightened hair look stylish instead of unkempt. It really pulls my whole I Hate The World look together.


Photo by Lauren Rushing via Flickr.

With the New Year quickly approaching, however, I’m considering going for a new look in 2016. I’m not sure what color I would want to dye my hair next, but since I’ve dyed it so much over the years I’m going to wait until my hair has grown out to completely brown again before I dye it again. I’m a pretty impatient person though so we’ll see how long I last with that.

I’m considering making my next hair color a light brown, but we’ll see. I still believe my best hair color is black but sometimes it’s fun (and refreshing) to mix things up for a little bit. I don’t expect to have my hair back to my natural color until mid 2016 but considering how I like to chop off all of my hair every two or three months maybe I can pull it off just in time for summer.

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