Top 5 Outlet Mall Shops

In light of my recent discovery that the Outlet Malls in San Marcos, Texas are unveiling a massive H&M, I’ve decided it’s about time I compile a list of my top five favorite shops in the outlet mall.


Photo by Christian Junker via Flickr.

Forever 21 The outlet version isn’t as great as the usual Forever 21, but with $4 leggings it’s a great place to stock up on basics.

Charlotte Russe There are so many different styles you can find here, and the clearance section is massive. I find a lot of interesting pieces here.

Rue 21 My go-to spot for inexpensive yet cute shoes.

Hot Topic Judge me all you like but I love seeing what kind of weird merchandise they have in store. Let’s not forget that one time I got $80 worth of sweaters for, what was it?, $30??

Victoria’s Secret $40 – $60 bras for $10?? That’s going to be a YES every single time. I’m absolutely obsessed with this Victoria’s Secret to the point that I refuse to buy bras anywhere else anymore.

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