Paranormal Halloween 2015

This year I had Halloween-y plans for every single weekend of the month, but every single idea I had fell through. How is that even possible? From fresh tattoos to bad weather, something always came up. Despite the setbacks I managed to get some Halloween fun in this year.

Week 1 – I visited the massive Spirit Halloween in an abandoned shopping center in San Marcos, Texas. Spirit Halloween is a chain of Halloween stores that pop up only during the month of October. My boyfriend had never been to one so we made the trip down to SM (there’s one in Austin, too, but it’s cramped and when we went this one little hipster dude followed us through the whole store).

Week 2 – I ran across the Halloween cat products at Target and couldn’t resist buying my boyfriend’s cat a haunted house cat scratcher. Since then we’ve been calling it the cat’s Spooky House. Plus, the cat is orange, which is pretty Halloween-y if you ask me.

Week 3 – My boyfriend and I went to my dad’s house to carve a pumpkin. I ended up only doing about 10% of the pumpkin before I got distracted, but the 10% I did wasn’t half bad. I also got my Friday the 13th tattoo that week!

Week 4 – I saw Paranormal Activity 6 on opening night with my boyfriend, my sister, and a few of her friends. I’m a big scaredy cat but I’m obsessed with the paranormal activity movies. My favorites are probably the third one and the Marked Ones, but it was still fun to see Tobey on the big screen. I also went to see Crimson Peak that week, though it was more…disturbing than scary.

Week 5 – For Halloween itself I spent the day with my boyfriend. We didn’t dress up in costume but we wandered around town and saw other people all dressed up. We live in a large city that pride itself on being weird so it was kinda hard to tell who was actually in costume and who was just in their everyday attire. We ate zombie Mike & Ike Zours and sifted through the remains of the Halloween sections at a few targets. At the end of the day we watched half of The Bell Witch Haunting, which is pretty much a scarier paranormal activity, but I got too scared so we turned it off. I did spend a good portion of that night being paranoid about witches instead of sleeping, which is an appropriate end to Halloween if anything.

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