Thirteen Tattoo

It’s been a year and I half since I got my last tattoo, so it really was about it I got a new one. Unlike my Spider-Man heart and my bats I had this tattoo planned out since March. I had to wait until October to get it done because the date was very important.


I got my 13 tattoo on October 13th because that’s my younger sister’s birthday. I got it as a tribute to her because 1) 13 is her lucky number 2) Jason Voorhees is her favorite horror movie monster (which really means something because she’s a horror movie fanatic) and 3) she was born on Friday, October 13th, 1995. It’s almost too perfect, right?

I got my tattoo on my left forearm, right below my elbow. It’s in the Friday the 13th font, as well, to emphasize the reasoning behind my tattoo. It’s the first tattoo I’ve ever gotten with a specific reason behind it. Just like my other tattoos, though, it didn’t nearly as much as I anticipated.

After getting my tattoo, my sister and I went to Ariana Grande’s concert that night. She said it was the best birthday she’s had ever and I’m really glad I was there to help make it so. I’m also glad to have a reminder of her with me at all times.

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