The Honeymoon Tour

In October I was lucky enough to get to see Ariana Grande on her Honeymoon Tour. It was the first major production concert I’ve been to ever. Back in April I posted about initially getting the tickets and how hyped I was about it. At the time the six month wait seemed impossible, but time has flown by!


I was so excited to see Ariana Grande in concert because I’ve been a fan of hers for years and have been particularly obsessed with her sophomore album, My Everything, since it’s release in 2014.

The concert was SUCH a fun time! As I watched Ari sing and dance around the stage it dawned on me that she’s a real person like everyone else. She probably has a savings account. She had periods! She breathes air!!

My favorite part of The Honeymoon Tour was when Ariana was singing Break Your Heart Right Back featuring Childish Gambino, and during his verse Bino showed up on the massive mega-HD screen. My sister and I glanced at each other with saucer eyes and immediately started singing along.

I danced, I cried, and I had a blast! Although Ariana didn’t singing my favorite song, Adore, she sang most of the songs from my Queen Ari playlist. Leaving The Honeymoon Tour show I was so excited to hear more music from Ariana Grande as well as her next tour.

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