How To Make The Most Of Online Dating

Back in June I decided to take charge on my (lack of) love life and made an account on an online dating website. Now I’m back to report on what I learned during the two weeks I was able to put my best foot forward and trick a guy into liking me. Well, maybe not TRICK him but either way I’m help you be successful in your online dating endeavors.

Photo by Guian Bolisay via Flickr.

Be picky – The biggest reason I think I was successful during my short time on an online dating website was due to the fact that I was picky as hell. I read through so many profiles and although there were quite a few that seems decent I wasn’t convinced. I don’t want OK or DECENT. I definitely feel like since I was so picky about who I spoke to it saved me a ton of time. Either that or I was just super lucky by finding someone super cool in my first encounter.

Don’t reply to people, especially the creepy ones – I see a lot of complaints from ladies on the web about how dudes will send rude things to them through online dating websites. I will admit, I did get a few, um, forward people in my inbox all I had to do was to not respond to them. No one kept messaging me after I never replied but even if they did I would recommend simply reporting/blocking them. Don’t waste your energy by getting upset.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself on your profile – My profile was so empty that I looked like a Catfish I’m sure, and you by no means have to be as extreme about it. My thought was that people could learn more about me when they actually talk to me. Is expecting a stranger on the internet to trust that I’m telling them the truth about who I am a lot to ask for? I’m not one to answer that, but it worked for me!

Muster up enough courage to start a conversation with someone – I was TERRIFIED to send a message to a guy who I thought seemed promising but trust me, waiting for someone good to message you first isn’t going to fly. Be strong! Face potential rejection! I cheated a little and paid to be able to look at the people who liked my page and decided who to message from there. Best $10 I’ve spent in a long time!

Get a friend in the mix – It can be pretty intimidating to dip your toes into the pool of online dating. If you’re not comfortable going about it alone bring a friend in on it! A friend of mine and I stayed up pretty late a few nights tearing about people’s profiles and eating pizza. Fun times! Plus she helped me stay away from settling on someone mediocre.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes time to find decent people – I can’t speak on this personally since I deleted my account after two weeks but it sounds right so I’m going to include it in the list. Sometimes good things take time. Try not to lose hope just because it takes a few extra tries than you expected. Just be proud of the fact you’ve taken control of your own love life and are doing something about finding a potentially amazing person to spend your time with!

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