What Do You Mean?

Another day, another Justin Bieber song that I’m now totally obsessed with. Last month (?? when were the VMAs this year?) Justin Bieber released a new song, What Do You Mean?, and I can’t get over it. Listen to it for yourself!

I didn’t include the official music video because I saw the first 3 seconds and it irritated me so I’m sticking to the lyric video.

It’s a cute song! Some people are having issues with it because of the part of the chorus when he says “when you nod your head yes when you want to say no” because they believe it contributes to rape culture but I’m going to have to disagree. If you put context to the lyrics by listening to the full song (or even just the full chorus) it’s pretty clear that the song is about Justin being in a relationship with a fickle young lady. People send mixed signals all of the time and Justin is just expressing his confusion. I really don’t see why we need to make it grim by accusing him of being rapey. His girlfriend just sucks.

I’m excited about this song because I’m hoping with his next album Bieber will be more pop instead of hip hop. I get that artists want to try new and different genres but Justin Bieber has always been the best at pop. I have a hard time listening to anything other than that from him, to be honest. I have high hopes for his next album, whenever that drops.

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