My Favorite Pilates Videos

Since the beginning of March I’ve been working on improving my quality of life by adjusting some of my health habits. One of my solutions is spending my time getting exercise. I don’t have access to a gym (nor the money) so I get my fitness in by doing pilates in the comfort of my own bedroom. I found a great YouTube channel, blogilates, which has loads of pilates videos that I use to get a full workout at least twice a week.

I’ve been asked what my favorite pilates videos are and I have them all here to share them with you!

I started my pilates journey with this beginner’s total body workout video. It hits all of the pilates basics and gets you started slow so you don’t tire yourself out before you really get into a routine.

This muffin top video is very effective and a lot of fun to do!

I really enjoy doing leg workouts (kinda like how I completely despise doing ab workouts) and this one is my all-time favorite.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about those arms! This workout is short and sweet but don’t think it’ll be easy. Get ready to feel the burn!!

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